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Improvement in Cholesterol Levels


"I have been doing Oxycise! in the car and at home since the first week in January. I cannot say that I have lost a lot of inches and/or weight, mainly due to not having the best of eating habits. I am including more fresh fruits and vegetables. Once I get over my sugar binge, I am sure the weight will start coming off. I am writing to say that the last time I gave blood (in Feb.) my cholesterol level was 190. It has been in the 260 - 275 range. I think the Oxycise! has helped this, even though I have not been doing so good in the eating range. Thank you for Oxycise! and the newsletter."

Sharon Miller, 
Oklahoma City, OK


"...I was going to play games on my computer today at lunch but I saw the newsletter right before - and did Oxycise! instead. I bring the position cards from the workouts and close my door and do it at lunch because I'm LAZY when I get home.

"I also wanted to tell you my cholesterol lowered 30 points!! I am now in the good zone where before I was borderline (about 210). There is no other reason except O!

Susan Hood Nelson

PS: "... the high level was about 7 or 8 years ago at a company fitness fair, then I had a physical 2 years ago and it was still high (before Oxycise!) The new reading was 5-11-01."

"I really have made no other changes. I yo-yo with my weight and do a major battle with junk food so it's all breathing."

Individual results will vary. Please follow the advice of your health care professional regarding medical conditions.

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